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via eLB: Line Spacing and Other Text Goodies in Lectora

by | Aug 28, 2014 | eLearning | 0 comments

Where did the text boxes and formatting text options in Lectora go? Lectora X had a bunch of options for dealing with text boxes and formatting text that just don’t appear in the “Properties tab” of the ribbon in Lectora 11. This is true whether you have an individual section of text selected or the text box itself. And selecting a text box and right-clicking on it doesn’t provide anything new either. But, there is a way to bring these lost options back if you know where to go.

There are two big options I missed having access to in Lectora, and luckily, they’re both still there (suspended in the xenon mist).

Text Options Menu
To get to these missing text options, you have to select the text “inside the text box” you want to format. Then, right-click on the selected text, and you’ll see a fly-out menu that includes sub-menus for formatting the text. An extremely handy tip if you want to make your text look good.

The Line Spacing Option
While most of these are pretty straightforward, the following two are of extreme importance — Paragraph and Insert. Paragraph includes the long-lost art of line spacing (Woo-Hoo!). Are you saying I can fix my line spacing in Lectora? That is exactly what I am saying. The other Lectora goodie is the “Insert” option lets you put an image or other any other objects inside of a text box.

For the bonus tip, head over to the full post at eLearning Brothers!

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