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via eLB: How to Work With Grids and Guides in Lectora

by | Oct 3, 2014 | eLearning | 0 comments

So there you are – content in hand, images selected, basic layouts on a storyboard (or in your head or a wire frame, depending on your workflow and level of OCD), and you pull up Lectora and are faced with a daunting blank page. You start placing items on the stage but just can’t get things to line up right. Times like this, you need to break out Lectora’s layout and design guides tool set to help you out.

Using Grids in Lectora
I like to think of grids are a first step in layout and page design help. They can be really handy when positioning multiple items on the stage and trying to get spacing and layout right. Grids are a kind of static, built-in overlay that floats on top of your work. You can adjust the size and spacing in of the grid to fit your course and what you’re trying to do, and you can also set up objects to snap to the grid, too.

Using Guides in Lectora
Where as guides are kind of a general tool, guides are much more subjective and course-specific. They work a lot like chalk lines that are snapped onto boards by construction workers. And you can have objects snap to guides just like you do with grids by clicking the Snap to Guides button.

There’s a little more detail on exactly how to use these two helpful tools over at eLearning Brothers blog, so if you’re interested, check it out.

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