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Trivantis Webinar: Creating Interactive, Immersive Learning for PC and Mobile Use

by | Jun 17, 2015 | eLearning, Instructional Design | 0 comments

When you see learning content that looks like a high-dollar production value video game or Hollywood movie, and it works on both PC and mobile platforms, it can appear as sorcery. But really, it starts with nothing more than detailed planning and design, smart use of the platform variable, and maybe a little ʺLectora Magic.ʺ In this week’s Lectora Inspiration Wednesday, I walk you through my process for getting from concept to a completed cross-platform course that is immersive, interactive, and engaging. Along the way, I’ll throw in some real-world, common problems and a few other savory morsels of e-learning goodness.

This is actually a requested rehash of one of my presentations at the 2015 Lectora User Conference in Nashville, TN earlier this year, so if you couldn’t go, here’s your chance to have some of the conference come to you!

To watch the recorded webinar over at the Trivantis Community website, click here.

Adam is an award-winning e-learning developer, instructional designer, and interactive multimedia developer, as well as a pretty darn good web designer and WordPress developer. When not trying to make learning online more awesome, he's an avid MMORPG beta tester, console FPS gamer, & general nerd. No one likes playing trivial pursuit with him. Also... are there cookies? <3 cookies...


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