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Via eLB: We’ve Won a Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Award!

by | Oct 13, 2015 | eLearning, Instructional Design | 0 comments

Ally and I are definitely not strangers. I started working on Lectora-based eLearning courses for Ally Financial back in 2011 in Charlotte, NC, as a contractor. Since, then I’ve developed dozens of courses for Ally Auto in Detroit, MI through my job as a Senior eLearning Developer at eLearning Brothers.

One of the coolest, most interesting, and most challenging efforts was the Ally F & I History: Blast to the Past course, on which I was the assigned developer.

It was developed in Lectora 11, and a lot of what needed to be accomplished was simply not capable given the limitations of the tool at the time. As a result, there was a LOT of custom JavaScript and heavy use of GSAP (Greensock) to get the job done. That – coupled with a series of increasingly challenging and engaging games wrapped in an overall story arc scenario – resulted in a fantastic course that had a measurable return on investment for the client AND was both engaging and fun for the learners. The wonderful byproduct of all that ended up being a 2015 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence in Learning Bronze Award for Best Use of Games and Simulation in Learning.

To learn more about the course and the award, read my blog post over at eLearning Brothers. Also, check out the interview I did with Trivantis for some more insights.

Adam is an award-winning e-learning developer, instructional designer, and interactive multimedia developer, as well as a pretty darn good web designer and WordPress developer. When not trying to make learning online more awesome, he's an avid MMORPG beta tester, console FPS gamer, & general nerd. No one likes playing trivial pursuit with him. Also... are there cookies? <3 cookies...


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