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Trivantis Webinar: What is Awesome About the New Lectora Online 3 – eLearning Brothers

by | Nov 23, 2015 | eLearning | 0 comments

Lectora Online 3 is out with Responsive Course Design™ (RCD), and the folks at eLearning Brothers have been hard at work building responsive course templates using it. Watch this week’s free Lectora Inspiration Wednesday webinar as Senior eLearning Developer and Instructional Designer Adam Leibler shares his secrets for designing courses that look awesome on the desktop, laptop, or any mobile device.

Adam is an award-winning e-learning developer, instructional designer, and interactive multimedia developer, as well as a pretty darn good web designer and WordPress developer. When not trying to make learning online more awesome, he's an avid MMORPG beta tester, console FPS gamer, & general nerd. No one likes playing trivial pursuit with him. Also... are there cookies? <3 cookies...


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