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Adam Leibler

Hi, folks!

I’m an award-winning e-Learning & interactive multimedia developer, instructional designer, and training consultant with more than 15 years of experience. Prior to that, I spent an additional 5 years doing instructional design for instructor-led training, and I was delighted when I finally found a way to marry my skills in that field with my love of all things computers, gaming, and coding – e-learning. These days, I have the honor of designing, building, and implementing some of the most awesome e-learning programs for the biggest companies and best clients in the world! And though I’m personally based out of Atlanta, GA, I often travel all over the country to work on-site with clients. Also, I can be easily bribed with cookies … or sour cream streusel cake…

My Skills

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My Resume

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My Story

Read about who I am, where I came from, and how I got to where I am today. It’s a decent read (and there are Easter Eggs), so… click the icon above to get started.

My Skills

Some learned through mentorship and school, some through experience or trial and error. But all time-tested and proven.

My Story

Whenever I meet someone new and the conversation turns to, “What do you do for a living?” I get to tell one of my favorite stories. So I figured it’d be good to write it out here, where you can read it anytime. Sadly, an audiobook version narrated by James Earl Jones is probably not in the cards. So if you want to find out the story, you’ve just gotta scroll down.

The Early Years

My journey towards becoming an e-learning developer started when I was still a kid. My dad owned a performance improvement consulting company, so I grew up hearing about Bloom’s Taxonomy, ADDIE, IMD, and CRI – learning how people learn best. Also, I thought I was Luke Skywalker (cause, you know – the hair). I never thought or intended to follow in my dad’s footsteps, but I guess the info and the passion sunk in subliminally. Anyway, I took that to my first job at Hardee’s and – within a couple of months – I was the crew leader and crew trainer at 15 years old.

College (and more college)

After high school, I went to Savannah College of Art and Design to study computer animation for film & video production. Needing a stronger business and traditional course background, I went to the University of South Carolina at Lancaster for an Associate of Arts. Later, I continued my studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where I concurrently worked on my computer science degree and taught the lab portion of Introduction to Computer Science classes.

US Army

The job market was pretty thin when I graduated, so I joined the Army. One of the best decisions of my life! I was a satellite communications maintenance chief and a Sergeant within 3 years, stationed at Headquarters, US European Command in Stuttgart, Germany. Again, training became my focus, and I was promoted to unit training NCOIC and rebuilt the on-the-job, instructor-led, maintenance, and certification programs from the ground up. The year we implemented the program, we went from failing our inspections to winning a Department of the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME)! Injured in the line of duty during my re-enlistment, though, I was forced to return home.

eLearning and Instructional Design

When I got out of the military, I did a lot of training and development jobs and contracts until I was offered a job at Trivantis as Manager of Instructional Design in their Custom Development Services (CDS) branch. After working there a little over a year, CDS was bought out and integrated into the new custom division of eLearning Brothers in Utah. I started out helping eLB build assets for the Template Library, but soon moved over to the custom development team full time. There, I worked on dozens of projects as both an instructional designer and e-learning developer, and eventually moved into the role of Senior e-Learning Developer.


Now, I’m an e-learning and performance improvement consultant, helping organizations build award-winning interactive e-learning systems. I also do education consulting through The Abreon Group and contract e-learning development – both independently. I also love sharing my knowledge and ideas through blogs, webinars, and speaking at a lot of industry conferences throughout the year, so look for me on the docket at places like the Lectora User Conference, Learning SolutionsDevLearn, ATD TechKnowledge, and more. Finally, do a lot of MMORPG beta testing in my down time, and I love gaming, music, and storytelling of all sorts. I’m always looking for ways to bring those things into my e-learning and training, too!

I can help!

I'm currently available for freelance opportunities and contract work.

If you have a project you want to get started, or one that you're having trouble getting finished - or if you just want to grab a coffee and say hi - let's get in touch.